Apple Podcast vs Overcast: One more private than the other?

Hey there, I love podcasts and I’ve just recently been trying to make my digital life more private. One thing I’m struggling to figure out is if my current podcast app of choice, Apple Podcast, is really that private, and if I should consider switching to another option.
I found Overcast, which on the App Store tells you that no data is linked to you, but I’ve read that it uses Apple Podcast to fetch the podcast data, so is it worth it to use it if all it is is just a middle man of sorts? Thanks!

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When you are fetching podcasts from Apple they still know what you are listening to, so Overcast is the same or worse, privacy-wise.

Looking at Overcast it actually seems to be quite a bit worse since they are using quite a few hosting and service providers.


I’ve been using Podverse because they are open source and have a decent privacy policy.

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I like iCatcher.
Their privacy policy states:

" Information we collect
We do not collect your data. Any data you enter in the app that needs to be stored is stored in the app on your device. If you use iCloud sync, then it will store necessary information in your iCloud storage that you control. That information is not shared with us."

anytime podcast player might be an alternative
its open-source and actively developed github + decent privacy policy + free