AntennaPod ad blocker

Android user here. I use AntennaPod as my podcast app. But it broadcasts ads inside podcasts. And i’m pretty sure the ads are not into the “mp3” file (i know it’s not mp3 but you know what i mean) because when i travel in another country the ad language changes to the one of the country i’m in. So it depends on my IP. So are there pribacy friendly podcast players that have adblocker on android?
I use it with VPN always on (Mullvad) but ut does not block ads…

IIRC, some ads are automatically injected into the mp3 file as you download it. Are you saying that when listening to a specific episode of the podcast, it plays a different ad each time? or did your ad language change as you change in location?

It seems you need to get something like a PiHole for the whole VPN connection.

When you download the episode, the ads are injected into the file and those ads are based upon the country you are in. Sadly, there is no way to block those ads without blocking the download itself.


I guess this is like the regular TV and radio ads that we have. For as long as it doesnt have the weird imperceptible ultrasonic sounds meant for advertisement tracking.

One recommendation is to put your vpn endpoint in a country you don’t speak the language of. You will still hear them but they wont be effective.
One day I hope to see sponsorblock getting some integration here.

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While I don’t like watching sponsors, it’s actually a good way to get rid of traditional ads. Creators on PeerTube for example, use sponsors to replaces ads they would get on YouTube. Plus, they’re skippable, and they usually do genuinely bring something to the table for their audience (for example, The Linux Experiment takes sponsors from Linux hosting, security, and laptop companies), so you could argue they’re useful advertising.

Because of this, I think using SponsorBlock is exponentially more disrespectful to creators than using adblock. Sure, they get the money regardless of whether you watch the sponsors or not, and sure, you can and will just skip them yourself, but systematically eliminating all attempts by creators to actually earn a living from their videos is not fair in my opinion.

If you want creators to drop sponsors, try watching them on Nebula (if they’re on there), buying their merch, or sponsoring them yourself (preferably on Patreon rather than YouTube’s built-in features). That way, you actually give them a reason to drop sponsors, and you actually support creators you like.

If you’re not prepared to do that, that’s okay, I’m not the morality police, and I don’t spend all my money on creators either, but you should at least give the respect they deserve and skip the sponsors yourself, maybe after having watched a bit of the segment first to see if the product might actually be useful for you.

You do what you want at the end of the day, but don’t forget that creators on YouTube, PeerTube, or podcasters even, are all trying to earn a living like everyone else. It makes sense that there are so few of them on PeerTube, as they don’t earn any ad money, and if you want to take their sponsorships away from them too, you leave them no choice but to stay on YouTube. Block that too, and eventually they will just stop being able to support their channel at all.

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I totally understand your points regarding creators and their right to make money from their work. But in my case, this has nothing to do with independent creators willing to make money from his passion and through a lot of work. The podcast i’m talking about is from an established media company that owns radio stations, some tv stations, and is nationwide (not based in the US). And it’s one of the top-3 podcasts in my country. So they make big money, and do not rely only on 1 podcast that is almost all they do. So it’s pretty different and that’s why i’m looking for some way to skip those ads.

Think of it this way, when you read the newspaper, do you ask someone else to ink out or cut off the ads in it?

Preinserted ad rolls on your podcast is probably one of the more privacy respecting way to get ads.


The podcast host can insert ads on-demand — when your podcast app sends the request to stream/download episode, the host server insert ad segments to the intervals in the episode, then send resultant audio file back.

Your only option is SponsorBlock for podcast (doesn’t exist, oof) or manually fast-forward the ads which is what I do.