Searching for private babymonitor

I’m searching for a private baby monitoring solution hardware or software, preferably without an internet connection, that just works on the local network.

If anyone has any experience with this matter or knows some good hardware or software for this scenario? All tips are welcome.

Cameras usually have the RTMP and you can use VLC app to open the stream directly from the camera.

You also could use an app from FDroid (Spydroid, IIRC) to start the stream and open it on the VLC unto the computer just locally through LAN.

This is the fast-track to a spicy pillow.

Can you elaborate? Also i cant understand the metaphor while yoir are at it.

SpyDroid IIRC is in the anti-features list so there might be some shenanigans.

Phones aren’t really meant to be used prolonged like that under load and on the charger.
The battery sitting at 100% with the heat from the SoC for camera/streaming is likely to cause the battery to end up bloated. ie. a spicy pillow


Ah my use case for that was when my kid was sleeping and the spouse and I were eating/watching video. It wasnt really running for more than an hour, but I do understand that prolonged use would pretty much ruin the phone’s battery.