TP-link (Tapo) secuity camera alternatives

Hello everyone,

I currently use Tapo cameras for home security, but I recently realized that they sell our data (when we put privacy on, our faces, voices, etc…).

I am looking for an alternative home security camera that is privacy friendly (not selling my data)

Many thnaks

Axis cameras were the old recommendation. Not sure if it still stands. Its a bit pricy though. To think about it, the cheap camera price could be subsidized by selling your data (or by the CCP in the case of HikVision and Dahua).

Alternatively, you can still use them if you use it offline or if you configured your router/firewall to reject all incoming and outgoing connections. Synology surveillance station can also be used but its needs extra payment to use non-Synology cameras

thank you for your answer,

I actually really like the idea of rejecting the connections from the routeur as a privacy meseaure but this will allow me to store the footage locally and not be able to see the house when I am away.

realistically speaking, would you say it would be possible to rent my own dedicated server then use an open source camera software like Ispy to manage my cameras when I am away?

Is this true when using homekit?