Remove Nitter

Given there is no alternative to nitter and there is basically no risk for the user to use a hosted instance to view tweets I think it should remain in the website as long as it works. It’s very possible forks will happen.

Something a little strange about PG keeping on obviously dead service reccommended because the last few instances have not run out of tokens. Technically it does not even meet their criteria anymore since you can’t self-host a working instance.

It would seem better to just replace it with squawker, which atleast still works as a frontend if you use an X account and, is still actively maintened.

Or just not offer an X frontend reccommendation. Is that really such a huge deal?

Doubt it. The thing that allowed it to work has now been removed, and that’s the reason it’s not maintained (maintainer is tired of cat and mouse game).

Didn’t know this one yet. Cheers. I don’t have a Twitter account anymore. Musk banned me :slight_smile:

Well I think it’s good to have a recommendation. Occasionally we need to open Twitter links unfortunately for sources and investigating. Probably best not do do that with Twitter itself.

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Fair point. I think we can just wait for it to die fully. Might not take long though.

Yup. Remaining guest accounts should expire within a few weeks

New status message at

Well, the advisory I linked above says otherwise, but with heavy caveats:

If you want to continue running Nitter, you can do so using a normal Twitter account.

Do note however, that this cannot and will not scale, and is in a legal grey-area. Proceed at your own risk.[1]

  1. Emphasis mine ↩︎

I also can’t find any working instances, nor a reason to keep it on the site :slight_smile:

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Nitter has been removed :