Fritter (Twitter Front-End for Android)

Fritter has an active development, you don’t need an account to follow tweets, you have subscription groups, you can use orbot with it and more.

I would love to love Fritter but it doesn’t work most of the time.
The recent beta7 didn’t manage to help, I keep my hope for fritter to get better though.

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Nitter already exists which proxies your requests through its server (make sure u have it checked in settings)

So the only feature it has is the subscription groups which Nitter is going to hopefully implement it.

In the future a simple account system will be added that lets you follow Twitter users, allowing you to have a clean chronological timeline without needing a Twitter account

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Albeit, Fritter is local which is note the case of Nitter EXCEPT if you self-host it.
There’s still that attrait available, instead of sticking with an account to whatever nitter public instance.

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In my case it did kinda manage to help when I followed what a user did to workaround the bug Removal of feed endpoints · Issue #668 · jonjomckay/fritter · GitHub

Toggling “Show Retweets/Replies” does fix for a moment, but stops working if both are re-enabled at the same time. After some more toggling of both options it fails completely to load. The error message states type 'Null' is not a subtype of type 'String' in type cast (same as above).

The API access seems to be working now, I assume this is now client-side.

@jerm another thing that Fritter can do which Nitter doesn’t is that you’re able to open a Twitter link in fritter without having to replace “” with “”, which on phone is kinda clunky to do.

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Just want to mention that Fritter has now a fork that works nice and seems to have an active development


Yeah the app works better than fritter imo. I uninstalled fritter simply because It was a hassle for me to individually check each account I followed.

The dev removed the app. Quacker is no more.

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We will probably end up removing these frontends because none of them work anyway.

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Page not found?

the dev for Quacker deleted the repo, however a fork of Quacker is still going, named Squawker.


It remains to be seen for how long the YouTube frontends will continue to work