Jitsi Meet no longer works without an account/authentication

Jitsi requires you to authenticate Facebook, Google, or GitHub anymore. It’s only needed for moderator.

Earlier this year we saw an increase in the number of reports we received about some people using our service in ways that we cannot tolerate. To be more clear, this was not about some people merely saying things that others disliked.

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I was looking for alternative instances which do not require an account.
You can use Brave talk for free up to 4 people.
During my research, I run across Framasoft, a non profit French organization. They offer framatalk, an instance of Jitsi.

For all other instances, you can visit Community-run instances | Jitsi Meet

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Jami came to mind for me as an option with no account required. It was removed from Privacy Guides some time ago. Though I don’t believe its since had an audit I’ll still probably use it for my use case.


#Revamped “Real-Time Communication” section

  • Why : New criteria - must have their protocol audited and must have end to end encryption.
    • Added Session
    • Removed Jami (no audit)
    • Removed Linphone (no audit)
    • Removed Jitsi Meet (no audit)
    • Removed Mumble (no E2EE)
    • Removed Rocket chat (no audit)
    • Removed Status.im (unfixed issues)
  • Affected page : Real-Time Communication
  • See PR 192

This is really difficult for Skiff Calendar. Not sure what we will do now.


So I just used it today and noticed that on the main page, just under the room name field and blue “Start meeting” button there is the sentence “Or [book a meeting URL] in advance where you are the only moderator.”
Which links you to https://moderated.jitsi.net/ that as far as I can tell doesn’t require making any account (since I do not have one). It’s an extra step and somewhat hidden but no other difference that I can see.

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@frostlike I do not get this option. I get a “join meeting” option, but nothing further. Are you sure your not signed in? Any screenshot by chance?


This is what it looks like to me on Mull (if the screenshot is displaying correctly). But I see now that Vanadium does not show it in mobile view, only desktop. So maybe that’s a Chromium issue if you’re on mobile.

That link brings me to this page which I click and get a url for a room to use just like before.

And as I said, I have not made an account so not sure how I would be logged in?

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It requires a moderator for starting the meeting. In order to be a moderator you have to create an account.

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You mean they create an account automatically without any username or password?

@amilich - Is Skiff considering hosting an instance as a paid feature?

Just wanted to say that I run this project, The Internet Phone Booth:


as a free offering from my company, Birdcalls. We aren’t audited yet because we’re too poor, but we’re a Jitsi fork that still allows fully anonymous calling.

Feel free to ping me with questions, comments or feature requests.

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Debian hosts an instance, on the rare occasion that i need jitsi, i usually use that: