I moved out of GitHub long ago; no regrets whatsoever!

Tried registering at GitLab just to see this:

They require you to provide them with your phone number. While as email we can use service like SimpleLogin, we need to provide real number.

Just Fuck Off GitLab.


Codeberg my beloved


Funny how GitHub is more anonymous despite it being owned by MSFT

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I tried to signup for Github with both Skiff as well as either Addy or Simplelogin (one of the two, I don’t remember which) and was rejected. Contacted support and was told no temporary e-mail addresses. I told them none of those were temp mail providers and was still told no. They said Proton was okay, but wouldn’t allow these others. So github has it’s problems as well.


Oh wow, I guess I got lucky I am using SimpleLogin. Are you on a paid account/paid ProtonMail?

I was able to change my github email address to a simplelogin alias. Theyve however blocked me from using github for authentication in other apps and websites

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No paid account. And as mentioned I can’t recall if it was an Addy or a Simplelogin address (I am currently testing both side by side).

edit: just went back to review my records of the problem.

  1. Signed up with an address, and was silently shadowbanned (as in everything seemed normal on my end, but if I created an issue, made a comment in a discussion, etc it was invisible to everyone other than me. Took me a month to realize and contact github, the confirmed their was an automated shadown ban due to using an alias ("Thanks for reaching out. Our spam detecting systems flagged your account because of the email address you used. Temporary/aliased email addresses are not permitted for use on GitHub accounts. Before we can remove the flag we need you to add a personal, non-disposable, email address:)
  2. Switched to a skiff address and this was flagged as well.
  3. Switched to a different email provider and this worked.
  4. All good now.

So if you are using Simplelogin for your account, it may be fine, but you may also want to double check and make sure others on github can interact with you or see your comments. Github’s anti-spam system will just silently make you invisible, you will not receive a warning that there is a problem.


I registered my account with an annonaddy address a while ago and it seems to be fine (I double checked on a private browser window), but that’s kinda scary… good thing I registered my accounts with alias addresses before they started doing this

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Well if you look at what Codeberg has been struggling with a lot lately, it is actually spam. So their motivation at GitLab is probably prohibition of that. That being said, of course a measure like this is not acceptable and easily a reason for never using them.

Maybe also take a look at it lists some alternatives. It is very slightly outdated, somebody should write to their mailing list.


FWIW, I signed up on GH very recently with my skiff address.


Good to hear. I reported it to Skiff at the time and they said they would reach out to Github and try to get off the blocklist (this was in October I believe) so hopefully it has been cleared up.


I also change my email to Skiff on GitHub recently without any issue.

However, on this thread topic, I use GitHub login as my GitLab account. So, GitLab doesn’t have my phone number.

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I am using a yubikey with the account. Maybe it looked less suspicious? IIRC i did not use the more common alias at the time.

I mainly use it for bug reporting.

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If you already have an account, that’s no problem. They’re not interested per se what provider you use or if they know your phone number or not. They probably just want to stop spam waves. Judging from the issues I have seen reported on Codeberg community, the spammers create many new accounts and start posting comments/issues with spammy content. That means new account creation is the issue. Old accounts don’t suddenly start spamming for the most part, so they’re not gonna look on those.

Again to reiterate that point because it should not be forgotten: These stop-gap measures for account creation are still not acceptable in my opinion. I don’t condone spam obviously but if the problem is hard to solve you have to throw more resources at it somehow to solve it properly, not implement something which kinda works but does so at the expense of excluding legitimate users. That is not an ok thing to do.


No dev here but I did sign up on GitHub for repo updates and I used a SL alias ( and it worked fine. I’m premium though.

This is new on gitlab, I was able to make an account with alias email last year with them, no issues. Github is what blocked me, demanded a real email address, so I used a real email, an alias on a domain they don’t block.

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recently created a gitlab account, no phone number was required. I used a simplelogin alias and was using a vpn

Don’t mean to derail, but what’s the difference between Lab and Hub?

they use the same version management system: git, they are just different frontends/implementations of it. Lab is partially open source hub is closed and owned by MS


Thank you!