Migrate from GitHub

the most of the simple login email hosts are blocked by github. I can only register a github account with a few of the hosts and my account is still flagged. PG repo should migrate from github to a more privacy friendly platform.

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the first two are


additional details

the most technically correct description would be that we accept pull requests from both of them, but the git repos themselves are technically read-only.

on my end, if you submit a change to codeberg/gitlab, i’ll just download it from there and push it to github myself, since github is the only one which is actually writable.

but from your perspective it doesn’t matter, you can do everything within codeberg/gitlab and never have to interact with github, since I/we will handle it for you.


Anyways, to answer the OP: We’re not going to migrate off GitHub for a long time, at least until long after Sync/Mirror Issues and Pull-Requests on migrated repository · Issue #18369 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub is completed which will allow us to test our Gitea instance more heavily.

This doesn’t really matter for you, because we already have plenty of replacements:

If you want to open an issue, you can instead:

If you want to contribute to the site, you can instead:


Did you try slmail.me?
It’s what I used for my Github account.

I was using slmails.com. Aftering registering successfully, I found my account was flagged. I could not perform search. I commented in a pr but could not see it when not logged in (aka hidden to everyone and only my account can see it). I opened a support case and was told to add a normal email and delete the forwarding email.
Then I deleted my Github account.

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