Version Control Systems (GitHub Alternatives)

GitHub alternatives:

**Why Gitea is not recommended: #1, #2, #3, Open Core blogs: #4, #5

*** Gogs Development is slow compared to Forgejo and Gitea even though both forked from Gogs (Forgejo Forked from Gitea which forked from Gogs)

**** Why GitLab is not recommended: #1, Open Core blogs: #2, #3, Source / Full Post

Reason to avoid GitHub (Source / Full post):

Tor-hostile; forced execution of non-free software; access granted or denied based on national origin; copious ethical issues

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read (ToS;DR):

  • This service gathers information about you through third parties
  • Your personal data is given to third parties
  • This service tracks which web page referred you to it
  • The service can sell or otherwise transfer your personal data as part of a bankruptcy proceeding or other type of financial transaction.
  • Your data may be processed and stored anywhere in the world
  • This service may use your personal information for marketing purposes, with your consent.
  • The service may collect extra data about you through promotions, with your consent.
  • This service assumes no liability for unauthorized access to your personal information
  • The service does not guarantee that software errors will be corrected
  • Instead of asking directly, this Service will assume your consent merely from your usage.
  • Your account can be suspended, and your data deleted any time for any reason
  • This service uses third-party cookies for statistics
  • The service may use tracking pixels, web beacons, browser fingerprinting, and/or device fingerprinting on users.

Alternativeto Reviews:


I often use it on TOR with no problems

  1. Github is Tor-hostile according to Tor project. GH has started forcing Tor users through an extra email verification step that effectively discourages bug reports:
    From Direct practical problems with using Microsoft Github

Clicking in the link “according to Tor project” will reveal this 3y post

Github Deletes the accounts created via Tor after some time with all associated information. And if you login to github via bad exit nodes unluckily, Github will flag your account
ListOfServicesBlockingTor · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab

Unsure if it is the case today, however this puts them into a neutral-negative relationship with the Tor Project

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Ok, tbf I only used it for downloading, I never connected to my account.

One thing about Codeberg that should be noted by privacy users
Codeberg’s Attack on Transparency and on Cloudflare Opposition

I’m taking Codeberg side in this one, but read the blog above and the repo below and make your own conclusions

Don’t have proof, but i think they got taken down on GitHub as well, prob for the same reasons

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