Remove cake wallet recommendation

Cake wallet is a multi coi wallet. But for everything ethereum related it has issues calculating fees. I hav like 10 usd locked in it because its telling me the fee is higher than the 10 usd i have.

I opened a github issue and the community told me

From my experience the actual fee is in line with what etherscan is telling you, Cake Wallet is just buggy with ETH.
Cake Wallet displays high ETH fees, but after sending the fees turn out to be normal.

So it seems like this is something they know about but just dont care

Of course this doesnt represent a privacy issue but i see no point on recommending a wallet for non private coins that cause you to never know how much you will actually transfer.

I love it for monero though

I think the only PG-recommended cryptocurrency is Monero, so maybe it makes sense to add a comment next to Cake Wallet.

Agree, Cake wallet Monero version ( should be the only one mentioned as it is a stripped down version of Cake Wallet that only supports Monero wallet.

I mean, given the fact that it is hard to buy Monero directly with fiat, it can still make sense to use the normal Cake Wallet because then you can create a temporary Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash address, buy those through the app, and swap them to Monero. OP’s problem seems to relate to Ethereum only.


I am not sure about it being an eth only problem. But its not really wortth recommending if we have to put a banner saying “dont use eth”. Id rather recommend another wallet