Android Crypto Wallet?

For those of you with Android and use crypto which wallet do you use? I have BTC, ETH and want to get Monero.

CakeWallet will work with all 3.

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But Trust Wallet seems like a good candidate if I rearrange my portfolio in the future.

Closed source.

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There’s supports a lot of cryptocurrencies and which is a Monero only focused version of cake wallet.

Other option is, and GitHub - cypherstack/stack_duo which is a Monero and Bitcoin focused verion of stackwallet but Duo last update was 8 months ago :melting_face:


What do you think about Trust Wallet?

It seems like an end-game for a crypto wallet, that’s open source and supports millions of assets??? Their user base is a lot bigger than Cake Wallet.

It is not fully open source. No clients source code.

Powerful Web3

A crypto shit project. And owned by Binance


Wow, thanks! I didn’t know about that Binance bought it in 2018. It seems only the core: GitHub - trustwallet/wallet-core: Cross-platform, cross-blockchain wallet library. is open source, not the client.

I’m currently using Exodus which is why I asked. I understand its closed source, is Cake Wallet better? Or does it not really matter since to my knowledge neither is open source?

Cake Wallet is open source: GitHub - cake-tech/cake_wallet: The open source repository for Cake Wallet, a noncustodial multi-currency wallet, and, a noncustodial Monero-only wallet. Need help? Check out

I would say with regards to a crypto wallet , Security should be of atmost importance to you , before you look at other factors like privacy and convenience .
Since crypto wallets are a hot targets for attacks , you don’t want to compromise on security even a bit.

In general i would suggest to stay away from any cloud wallets or custodial wallets , or atleast not have any significant amount on them.

The most secure version of wallets would be to use hardware wallets like ledger or trezor used with their companion apps.

A software secure wallet would usually have features like prompting the user to set an app password/pin before use, prompting to store the seed phrase safely (preferebly not allowing you to copy and instead write manually in passowrd manager or on paper).
Also important to see is that if the wallet has gone any Audit recently which are a good indicator of the security levels of the app.
Note that a wallet being open source in itself doesn’t guarantee that the wallet is free from bugs or exploits . Its always better to do your own research and see the history of the wallet and refer security reports.
I usually prefer desktop wallets more.
For mobile i would say for BTC checkout electrum wallet (android app version) or phoenix in tor mode for BTC lightning.
(understand that btc is not a private blockchain , so you only can only do limited things to protect privacy) i haven’t personally used coinjoin or whirlpool so can’t say how anonymous they make you.
for ETH probably metamask wallet (though its not so private but has been around long time and published reglular audit reports)
And for xmr both monerujo or cakewallet/ should be secure enough.
Again you should do your own research before choosing any one.

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What is your thought on Exodus and Cake Wallet?

I am still not sure whether I will move my fund out of Exodus to Cake. Exodus has been a solid choice for a long time.

i don’t like how exodus wallet deals with security. It does not even prompt the user to save the seeds when the user first sets up the wallet, rather the user has to look for it buried in the settings. Moreover it uses a single 12 word seed phrase for generating wallets for all cryptos. I am not sure how does that work and is if its truly non-custodial. i would prefer to have separate seeds for each crypto wallet which i can use to access my funds on any other wallet of my choice later.

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I haven’t kept up with the space in a while, and cake wallet is new to me, but it passes most of the tests on wallet scrutiny and the remaining issue causing it to fail reproducible builds looks like it was just closed this week. So it looks like it may be one of the first that supports more than just BTC to get a perfect score?

tuxpizza closed this as not planned last week

Doesn’t sound great.

Stackwallet seems to have the same problem, but the issue is still open Provide reproducible builds · Issue #6 · cypherstack/stack_wallet · GitHub too.

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Thanks, didn’t notice this, guess I was blinded by my initial excitement.

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I’m trying to avoid using the Play Store but I’ve been looking for cake wallet on F-Droid but can’t find it. Can you or anyone point me in the right direction?

it’s on their website.

They have their own F-Droid repository.

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Okay, I’m on that page but I’m such a noob at this and don’t know what to do next.

You go to f-droid > settings > repositories > the plus sign

And then you scan the qr code given by the app.

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