Android Crypto Wallet?

That helped a lot! Thank you!

I use cake for monero, and Unstoppable as clear (visible) wallet, it provides for plausible low fund alternative wallet and a main wallet only visible with right particular pw, while the plausible low fund wallet is visible by fingeprint and its particular password. Cake wallet is installed at my phone dark-app area.

avoid rooting the phone otherwise secure element could be compromised, if you cant afford stock android, then get an HW wallet for bitcoin+alts ( Mycellyum, bluewallet, samurai support hw wallet and both availble at f-droid or apk, bluewallet also, and airgap wallet/vault, I’m not aware any monero-android wallet with HW wallet support).

Edge Wallet

Supports lots of assets. You are in control of your keys. It’s open source.

NO, don’t install Edge.

It is unrecommend to to use “Light wallets” such as MyMonero and Edge

MyMonero haven’t updated their desktop apps and mobile apps for more than 2 years, leaving many security vulnerabilities unpatched.

Edge also have 3 trackers εxodus. And requires a lot of unnecessary permissions like READ_CONTACTS.

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ANONERO it redirects to their onion site (Need Tor browser to access their website). The guide Anonero Guide - Monero DIY hardware wallet - Invidious

Monerujo, the guide How to use Monerujo with the Ledger Nano S.

Is the lack of reproducible builds at present (or ever in the future) a hard stop for anyone in using Cake Wallet?

No , i talked to the developer there is some other issue regarding a dependency due to which reproductible builds fail.