Looking for P2P payment options?

Looking for a relative to fully private option for paying friends and possibly trustworthy ppl online.

I probably can’t do Paypal - they kicked me out years ago when I tried to pay for Kolabnow email through them - super suspicious activity by me, lol.

Zelle looks like can sign up with only an email and some bank/CU apps support it directly? I don’t mind KYCing with them if necessary. Does anyone use Zelle?

Someone on PG subreddit suggested Square? Anyone have experience with Square?

I’ve seen Techlore’s endorsements for Monero. I’m generally skeptical of crypto (Monero is down @ 50% YTD :grimacing: ). It seems like it could be a pain in the neck for non-technical users, especially transferring back and forth to USD? If you suggest Monero, I’ll probably just need some persuading :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your insight, and to PG team and community for being awesome.

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Cake wallet makes Monero much easier imo

Try this one if you are interested https://incognito.org.
The platform is Private By Default. I’m using it to swap and transfer money to my friends without worrying about my privacy. Let me know if you want to try, and I can help you set it up.