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I think PG should recommend more software and include more different categories in terms of security and privacy.

For example, GBooard is a nightmare for privacy and Google collects absolutely everything you type and it’s surely one of the tools, if not the worst installed on a phone.

Alternatives do exist, however, such as HeliBoard or FlorisBoard, and the same goes for GMaps, which is also a real nightmare for privacy. Alternatives also exist, such as OsmAnd, Organic Maps or Magic Earth (albeit not open source).

We could also propose alternatives to Google Message, where messages sent first go through Google’s servers. Offering SMS applications bundled with encrypted messaging could be interesting.

I’m also thinking of alternative launcher applications, so that those who visit the site know that there are alternatives that are more respectful of privacy than Nova Launcher or Microsoft Launcher.

I don’t know if this has already been discussed, but I think that expanding the recommendations would be interesting.

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GBoard allows telemetry to be disabled fyi

I’m not sure that Google really cares if telemetry is deactivated, especially when we know that Google collects location data even when telemetry is deactivated, for example.

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I know that there are encrypted messaging applications, except that Google Message isn’t a Signal-type messaging application, but more an enriched “SMS” application, which is why there are alternatives like Deku SMS, Fossify SMS and so on.

It would be interesting to create a sub-group with encrypted messaging apps.

Gboard is fine to use, if you adjust the privacy settings. It uses federated learning to improve its model. It’s basically the only good keyboard, if you write in multiple languages and need to switch automatically many times a day between these.

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From a cursory search on the forum, the following threads and replies pop up for each of the “categories” you mentioned.

1: Add a Navigation Section
2: Organic Maps

Link to the above reply: Downside of using Google apps on GrapheneOS? - #14 by dngray

See the following exchange in 1 and 2

1: Alternative Android Launchers (FOSS) - #4 by matchboxbananasynergy

It’s hard to think that if you’re worried about the stock OS on your Android device “spying” on you, simply replacing the launcher will fix or even improve the situation. It will only introduce another party into the mix. The OEM has a lot of other things installed on your device in most cases, including things you can’t remove, so the effects of replacing the launcher are dubious.

2: Alternative Android Launchers (FOSS) - #8 by ph00lt0

if the launcher is doing shady stuff many core systems will probably do so as well on those devices. The only good way to get rid of that is installing a custom [operating system]. Replacing the launcher simply isn’t solving anything.