Add a Navigation Section

Thought i would bring this up since i saw no related results when searching.

Since using GPS navigation is really common and rife with privacy issues, I think it would be nice to add a section about more private options. There are some applications that serve as alternatives to Google Maps for directions like OSMAnd, Organic Maps, Magic Earth, and others. And there’s Apple Maps as well for Apple users.

I would also be interested in a discussion evaluating how good of an alternative (privacy-wise) a standalone GPS device is, I’ve been strongly considering a Garmin Drivesmart device.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thoughts?


These dedicated GPS units often require proprietary software (like Windows-specific programs) to update the included map data, and sometimes even charge for the yearly map updates.

Whereas the quality of the Open treetMap data is highly dependent on region, it can be updated hourly for free via OsmAnd and is fully FOSS.

The roads have signs for that.


I think something OpenStreetMap-based like Organic Maps is the obvious choice. But the main downside of all of these open source apps is that they don’t have traffic infos, which is a very important part of turn-by-turn navigation.

For that I’m currently using HERE WeGo for that as they seem kind of okay in terms of privacy and have a navigation quality similar to Google Maps.