Publishing Websites on Tor

I’ve been wanting to make a small blog about politics, philosophy and privacy online for a while, and while I more or less know how to create the blog, what I don’t know is how to publish it, and even more how to get an onion address, and I haven’t found any site where they mention how to do it. As you have an onion address, I would like to know if you could show in a guide how to get an onion address or something like that. Also, posting on the tor network is more secure and private than on the clearnet, isn’t it? I think this could help more people who have a similar interest. Best regards.

OnionShare lets you set up an onion address very easily.

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Right. However, it doesn’t allow you to publish anything but static web pages, so I don’t really know what quality the web page would end up having. Anyway thanks for your answer.

I suppose you would need to quantify the use case for this. What type of website would the guide help you host?

What is the threat model behind it? Is the goal to have a site that cannot be taken down (addressing the “censorship” threat)? Would it be so that the website’s creator would be hard to track down (address the “anonymity” threat model)?

If OnionShare is not sufficient, we need to know what is in order to properly consider it.

About what you say, I can talk about my case, for the guide I guess multiple situations should be taken into account.
In my case, the web page at first would be simple, maybe static, but in the future I would like it to stop being so simple. There is no threat model as such (or I don’t know it, I am not in any danger and I don’t think my readers are in any danger, and I don’t think the web will be subject to censorship, since it would be a simple personal blog where a random publishes political reflections and so on). I would simply like to offer my readers an access to the web via Tor to anonymize their traffic and access to the web (I don’t plan to use trackers or anything, but the intermediate servers between my web and the reader could register their traffic and information.

The guide would be oriented for a general case, or if we want to be more specific or detailed, you could make a guide for anyone to host and create your website taking into account the privacy and security of both the owner of the website and the user who wants to access it. The guide should then be adapted by “levels”, depending on the threat model and the type of website, I suppose, among other factors.

This is something I’d be able to work on. I think the page can consist of two parts: An easy method of hosting w/ OnionShare, and a “proper” version of hosting with any arbitrary webserver.


You should look into Hugo. It is a static website builder, but creates websites that almost seem dynamic. It has easy syntax and useful documentation. You can use it with OnionShare.