Why does the privacyguides Onion domain has been removed?

I’ve noticed a couple of weeks ago, that the domain didn’t automatically redirect to the onion domain, but after taking a closer look, the domain wasn’t listed anymore on privacyguides.net (That alt domain which shows the different self-hosted services of privacyguides including previously, their onion domain).

I can agree that for those having the privacyguides.org domain censored (If the website finally got the honor of being censored by any organization/country), Using the Tor browser or any sort of suggested circumventing censoring methods should allow being able to consult the clearnet website, but in that case, I’m having issues finding the real need for other, more censored websites such has social medias and journalistic resources, to offer an onion domain.

If it wasn’t removed for logistical reasons, what was the reasoning for removing it?


I’m also wondering about this!

The site is now re-hosted at http://www.xoe4vn5uwdztif6goazfbmogh6wh5jc4up35bqdflu6bkdc5cas5vjqd.onion/