Onion sites to learn about privacy

I have never seen anyone here on privacyguides nor anywhere else mentioning Deep-Web sites talking about security/privacy, so here I’m doing it.

The site is The Hidden Wiki (V3 onion)
I’m particularly biased towards these types of wikis as they explain topics not mentioned on the ClearWeb that depending on your threat model may be useful + they go very in depth from users own experience.

In the site you can find interesting docs or guides/tips to read (like when to consider an onion link is really offline ← thing that I find many people getting wrong) and links to other Privacy/Onion sites in even other languages, I myself a non native english person liked to find forums in my own language.

I only mentioned 1 Tor URL, but of course there are other useful ones from where you could learn about privacy like Dig Deeper that has been in a lot of controversy, but overall it’s an okay site.

If you want to add something, please comment and if you want to share an a site youseful to you go ahead!

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Dig Deeper, the COVID conspiracy one? The confused threat model one? It’s not controversial for no reason…

Here’s a couple choice quotes from The Hidden Wiki on a page titled “The Matrix” from the Editor’s Pick section

…maybe we should take Marx and add IT with the theory to make it up to date. Marx-IT or Matrix

Utilitarianism = Illuminatiarism, or how would you yourself name the philosophy based on the Illuminaty?

If the authors are this… misinformed on philosophy in an “editor’s pick” page, why should we trust them to accurately represent any other topic.


There is really no need for security/privacy sites to be dark-web-only websites, which is probably why they don’t get talked about.


There are benefits hosting only an onion site, in case of the Hidden Wiki it’s literally called Hidden so it makes sense to be DW only.
A benefit could be hosting without a domain even if you have a dynamic IP plus it hides the machine ip, so it can be also hosted at home to have HW control.

Lots of other DW sites also have a clearnet link.

Could you show me where I said no controversy? I literally stated it has been in a lot of controversy

That’s why you learn from multiple sources and not only a specific one. Taking as an example every site mentionting NordVPN as a privacy/anonymous vpn provider

I am questioning whether it is a useful site, not whether you said it was controversial; part of what makes it controversial is that it leans conspiratorial and has a confused threat model

I’m saying this particular source (i.e., the “hidden wiki”) is not a useful source because incoherent conspiratorial ramblings are highlighted as “editor’s picks”. There are other much more useful sources (include the site this very forum is attached to!) that don’t mix together incoherent conspiracy theories with grains of useful information.