Do you rely on Privacy Guides only?

I’m curious why this hasn’t been mentioned in Privacy Guides about not relying on one resource for recommendations and information.
Because relying on one resource isn’t really a good idea.

what do you think about that?


I usually recommend other guides, especially, but I’ll be honest about one thing: PrivacyGuides is the most reliable guide I know of today, and the one from which you can learn the most in general.


I have a handful of bookmarked resources for privacy and security. The differences between these resources and Privacy Guides is that these resources are often just blogs that aren’t peer-reviewed or community-sourced, etc. Sure, some of them may be from people in the field that are a lot more knowledgeable than me, but I place importance on discussion and information being challenged. There are also a good bit of them that do not do a good job of providing knowledge and instead focus on the utilization of tools only, and another good bit of them are aren’t for laypeople and are more geared towards others in the field.

The need for cross-checking Privacy Guides against other resources is less risky because Privacy Guides themselves already consists of a decent amount of individual contributors to at least be trustworthy enough in knowing that putting red flags in there won’t be largely missed. However, this isn’t to say that it’s impossible, because I do admit there definitely isn’t enough non-lay contributors to consider Privacy Guides as the Holy Bible, but it’s still a pretty good resource.

It’s still important to cross-check whatever you find on the internet anyway, regardless of how many individual contributors work on it. I agree that Privacy Guides should mention this in their website somewhere, and I’m sure the team is already in agreement of this sentiment morally speaking.


agreed! and I think part of the reason is that the team didn’t want to be responsible for misled info on other sites. such as

Personally i also really enjoy (noted i am a mod there) but the content is very good and also very good to send to “newbies” or people just getting started in this area


Hey! I have to thank you because I started there before privacy guides existed.

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No worries, I’ve only done some small stuff here and there. Nate Bartram is the founder and does 99% of the work but ill pass on the compliment!


I don’t see a forum there? What kind of mod do you are?

Here’s some probably more specific threat model sources but still very interesting imo

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For the matrix room and i also try to help out with the blog posts and website suggestions etc.

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I don’t think the one source arguement really goes up in a community controlled effort.

But personally I use many sources, usually more advanced ones than privacy guides. One I typically really like is the book and podcast of Michael Bazzell.

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Techlore videos are great as well ! The Surveillance reports Surveillance Report are awesome :slight_smile:


PrivacyGuides is great. Also very good is

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I really shouldn’t rely on Privacy Guides alone but I am a bit lazy in the recent years and you folks have been doing a good job of updating stuff that I don’t feel the need to look for other info elsewhere - written media-wise.

To clarify, I do still listen to the good ol Privacy, Security and OSInt Podcast but the content seems to have dried up a bit. I will likely get the books when Michael releases a new one.

Most of these websites still recommend duckduckgo and startpage :frowning:

What’s wrong with ddg and startpage?

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I use thenewoil, i listen to podcast like Surveillance Report and Firewalls don’t stop Dragons.

Much of the recommendations on Privacy Guides, come from other resources or experience. The aim is to collate/curate the things that relate to meaningful privacy improvements.


It is vital that you should not be only rely on one resource in your privacy journey.

Here are some great resources. I included them since they do something different from PG.

Best threat modelling guide imho (very easy to understand)

looks good(includes videos or interactive or enjoyable to read) … average user in mind … best to share with others who are just learning about privacy

stuff PG won’t cover but still important

Specific audience in mind

Exhibition for privacy

To go above and beyond

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Some of these sources are horribly out of date, prism break being one of them. It mentions a number of projects which are absolutely terrible for privacy, and lack security, and are unmaintained.

More is not always better, the thing about PG, is the community do keep things somewhat up to date.

There are a couple of blog articles that I particularly like: