Mirroring/publishing Privacy Guides to decentralized networks

I want to know what we think about decentralized networks basically, e.g. IPFS, Zeronet, …? I don’t know what the popular ones are.

I saw a community member publishes the site to ZeronetX currently (Decentralized Copy of Privacy Guides available on ZeroNetX), but if we wanted to do that ourselves it’s something we could automate on our end with GitHub Actions for example, so that it is always up to date.

Is that something we should pursue, or nah?


If the main site is censored on certaon countries, you might get away with a mirror site instead.

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I think it would be beneficial, as there is no extra impact on development. We do already offer an onion, but in censored countries that also requires a private bridge or snowflake/meek etc.

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There are the most popular, in the decreasing order:

  1. Onion - I can’t find any hosting providers for this :thinking:
  2. i2p
  3. Zeronet

And as the site is mostly static, we should prob host it on ipfs/pinata as well.

As we are already using cloudflare, prob they have something for this too.

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well we have an onion site already, i was mainly thinking about decentralized platforms like ipfs and zeronet, and perhaps something else if there is another one, but I can’t think of any other networks that are particularly well known.

Cloudflare does have ipfs gateway support so this might be a good idea.

Zeronet should also be possible as we don’t have any web apps on the page.

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please do something that doesn’t use the privacy-invasive cloudflare…

With regards to mirror, is there a way to prevent the creation of malicious mirrors with bad recommendations (or at least bad links)?

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This is part of the reason I’m interested in creating them ourselves as an automatic part of our build process, rather than leaving them for the community to create. Not that I think it’s very likely people are going to be hosting malicious copies of the site :slight_smile:


They’re likely to just be out of date or based on manual updating processes, which means people involved will lose interest.

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Stance on Cloudflare is talked in more details there. Currently privacyguides is hosted there, but using IPFS, you will be able to access it without relying only on the Cloudflare mirror provided that the PrivacyGuides website is pinned by sufficient people.
Very interested for it being shared on IPFS, and surely the other suggested methods.
Isn’t ZeroNet abandonned however ? (Not the community and websutes around it however, of course)

Does look like that. Last commit is 3 years ago. In that case I’d consider it legacy.

I don’t think it really fills use case that IPFS does not. We might even be able to make use of the IPFS Gateway. The main reason for doing this is to help out people who, can’t access privacyguides.org.

Well, we would pin it, anything else would be up to the rest of you :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s two forks I believe, one of which is ZeroNetX which I think is also developed by the person who made the post here about it I linked to.

The reason I do like ZeroNet is that websites can actually be updated, unlike with IPFS, but since the main project was abandoned and forked maybe it’s too niche.


wonder if i2p is considered too :thinking:

If it doesn’t add any noticable costs or workload beyond setting it up(?), it sounds like a great idea. The bigger the guides reach the better, so long as it doesn’t take away needed resources from the core purpose.

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We now pin website deployments to /ipns/ipfs.privacyguides.org

I’m running an IPFS cluster anyone will be able to join, and when you do you’ll automatically pin all our new releases, so that will be the most ideal way to help out if you want to host a copy. Instructions to join will be posted soon.

Tonight I think I’ll look at ZeroNetX publishing.

I’m not sure about I2P yet, I feel like I2P/Freenet don’t have the best reputation.


Just tried accessing ipns://ipfs.privacyguides.org … instant 14k4 modem vibes. :wink:

Could we make Privacy Guides more available in censored countries?

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Might want to peer with /dnsaddr/node-1.ipfs.jonaharagon.net/p2p/12D3KooWMwqzuApCKxYfo66zq5BrTjCoz9naJ1rrMEBCnwuGGqWB until it is actually pinned on more than a single server.

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If anyone is interested in testing out: