Decentralized content hosting

Are there any decentralized networks where you can host PDFs, videos, images etc, that is well established?

Only thing that comes off my mind is LBRY but they got sued by SEC and is obviously facing many legal issues. And IPFS, but most of the gateways are run by Cloudflare.


IPFS is probably the best bet for most files (i.e. not websites). I’m not sure the Cloudflare thing is a weakness, seeing as you ideally wouldn’t be using gateways at all if you’re using IPFS properly, right?

For ipfs you have pinning services like . They also have a free tier. Pinata is the most popular pinning service I think.

edit: you can ofcourse also host your own IPFS node. There you can pin your own files. It would mean that this computer needs to on all the time.