Cool or hacky ways to host files for free/low cost?

Not really a privacy question, but I do not have access to off-topic.

I am wondering if any of you deep-diving internet folks know of any cool or hacky methods for secretly hosting files/websites. I am very new to this and was wondering if I could somehow use onionshare on a small raspberry pi + public Wi-Fi to host files 24/7.

I was also thinking of using this as an extra way to backup my own files, but not really. It seems very insecure and especially physically vulnerable as opposed to actual datacentres. But the question still remains.

To give this some context, I was thinking about a mysterious scavenger hunt-type deal, if you get my drift.

You wouldn’t need Onionshare for this, just set up a web server that operates on a .onion service and serve over HTTP. Ie something like:

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