Decentralized VPNs and Routing networks

There were a few threads about this on the previous forums, I’m wondering what experiences people have had with these tools.

There seems to be two main kinds of networks, those which are self contained (can only access things on that network, a bit like .onion, .i2p etc and those which aren’t, and are essentially crowd sourced VPNs.

With the latter I think there are some trust related issues this article points out Comparing dVPNs and centralized VPNs for privacy protection .

Self contained


I think the two major obstacles:

  • Self contained: What is actually on there that you want to access?
  • Open: Should you trust the node to not be logging, are there enough of them?

Honestly, most of these networks seem to be over promising tor ripoffs with a blockchain attached to sell some new shitcoins.

There is no reason why a network would need an inefficient database, which is what a blockchain basically boils down to.


the entire idea of using blockchain for privacy is quite ridiculous. The concept of blockchain is that you cannot remove data. Well great.


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Hey David, cool to have you here. I would suggest to put this in a new thread so it can be discussed individually. You definitely are building something that I believe is not on just my eye. Definitely worth to talk about and ask more questions etc.

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