Portmaster Unlimited/Safing Privacy Network

Co-founder and CCO of Safing here :wave:, I thought I’d pitch SPN for PrivacyGuides.

For Who Is SPN?

Portmaster Unlimited / SPN is for people who want more than a simple VPN and cannot or do not want to set up Tor system-wide. It’s built from the ground up and does the heavy lifting for you. It’s an install & forget solution.

SPN Features

  • Get Multiple Identities for Each App
  • Simply Access Regional Content
  • Easily Configurable per app
  • Built from Scratch for Privacy
  • Install & Forget Solution

SPN Tech Overview

  • a Privacy Network aimed at threat models “between” VPN and Tor.
  • Uses onion encryption over multiple hops just like Tor.
  • Routes are chosen to cover most distance within the network to increase privacy.
  • Exits are chosen near the destination server. This automatically geo-unblocks in many cases.
  • Exclude apps and domains/entities from using SPN.
  • Change routing algorithm and focus per app.
  • Nodes are hosted by Safing (company behind Portmaster) and the community.
  • Speeds are pretty decent (>100MBit/s).

Further Reading

Happy to discuss & answer any questions.

PS: we do not see SPN as a dVPN, it is its own thing.


Shouldn’t this fall under the Project Showcase category? cc @jonah

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That’s on me, I set the category when splitting the topic from the other discussion :slight_smile:

thanks for moving it into the correct place! New & learning. I went ahead and formatted the post into something I feel more like a “showcase”.

I also created a showcase for Portmaster Free - probably want to add showcase to that as well (I could not select it).

Happy to discuss & answer any questions

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forgot to mention you can simply dm me and I’ll send you some gift cards so you do not have to pay to review Portmaster Unlimited

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I very interrested in this, yet i still do not fully understand the workings. Besides form testing the funcitonality do you have any good materials explaining the techinque @davegson?

the SPN vs VPN comparison blogpost goes into more detail - especially the Part 2 - a technical comparison describes the tech more. If you already read that and want to know things beyond that - just let me know! If so, best ask specific questions so I know what to answer / where to guide you