What do you think about Safing Portmaster and SPN?

They have a FOSS firewall product, “Portmaster”, and you can subscribe to their VPN analog, “Safing Privacy Network (SPN)”. They will rename SPN to “Portmaster Unlimited” (or maybe already have done so).

Portmaster is supposedly working in alpha; though, the new release will be beta or V1. Anyway, is it working well, or is it too soon to tell?

This is a project/product that we’re definitely aware of and have our eyes on.

I personally believe that it is still way too early to tell seeing that there is still a lot of work to be done for what I consider basic features (such as cross-platform support, which is planned, but not there yet. It currently only works on Windows and Linux).

When the project has matured a bit more, I think we can properly evaluate it and decide whether it is something that we would want to recommend, and which use cases/threat models it would address.

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Thanks for replying.

It occurs to me that Portmaster and SPN on a computer will run independent of whatever firewall and VPN products you use on a mobile device. The only interaction is that a subscription covers several devices, and you can’t currently run Safing products on mobile devices. Still, if you can afford two separate VPN/SPN solutions, SPN has nice features for Windows and Linux.

Portmaster is working very well, no issues so far. I have paid for one month of SPN and will start testing it in the next few days.

I started to use SPN yesterday with triple-hop and it works amazingly well. Despite only having around 20 SPN nodes it’s very fast.