What are the Tor alternatives?

Hi community ,
I was wondering what are your favorite Tor alternatives ?
Here are mine + the great privacy lists/guides

P.S. What do you think of LokiNet ?

Safing Privacy Network (SPN) is an excellent alternative to Tor, works so much better than Tor.

IIRC, SPN’s goal is not to replace tor, but to replace consumer vpns,.

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SPN is a great alternative to VPNs and I do hope the project is a huge success. However, I am talking about anonymization networks,(centralized , decentralized,mesh etc.) , I hope you get the point.

You may want to take a look at Utopia:

It’s a 100% anonymization network and extremely difficult to censor. Not even the GFW has managed to block Utopia.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Utopia nor am I a dev.

Well I did test it out and to be honest. The rpm package seems to crash ,rendering the usage impossible.The file size is over 400 MB when installed which in a rpm environment can be a major issue, if not done right . The idea works in theory but I do have my doubts. The whole page is pretty strange, they aren’t full open source. Check out the marketing company they used. They whole story line is about freedom and than you see , they aren’t FOSS, unknown creators, poor transparency, the project needs more work and proper management.

I have no issues install Utopia on Fedora and Debian based machines.

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Thank you, for letting me know. Than I will re-try installing Utopia. Any other suggestions. Personally I am waiting to se how LokiNet develops in future time.

I have used Utopia. It’s cool, but it’s practically empty, and it limits you a lot in many things, less than Tor and other alternatives.

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I agree, it’s limited and it needs more work if it wants to become a serious contender in the race.Moreover, the installation for Linux has been fixed to an end. The GUI is slow and it is showing signs an audit is in order, yet I don’t see it happening until the code is open. Independent audits are a powerful part of keeping software clean. Enough about Utopia, I am still interested what are your alternatives /contenders when it comes to TOR?