Phone w/ no longer supported GrapheneOS vs currently supported w/ DivestOS?

Phone with no longer supported GrapheneOS vs currently supported with DivestOS? (Specially talking about the Pixel 3A).

honestly I would rather take a currently supported build of DivestOS.

It’s better to have a device with outdated firmware but an up-to-date OS than to have both outdated


Yeah, I’ll also switch to divestOS when my Pixel 7a gets dropped out of support

I can’t really upgrade though as I need a headphone jack and they stopped headphones jacks on pixels

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That’s basically all phones at this point, you can’t use the 3A forever and I don’t see companies bringing the headphone jack back. You might just have to settle for using an adapter on a newer pixel with the extra wear it entails.


That’s what USB-C to headphone jack adapters are for. Here you can find suggestions: USB-C to Jack DAC compatibility list - GrapheneOS Discussion Forum . It’s long game over for headphone jacks in smartphones. Waiting for one is wasted time.


I’m not a cybersecurity expert, but I think it’s safe to say that an up-to-date OS is generally going to be better than an out-of-date OS which might have some extra hardening in comparison. Ultimately, bug fixes are extremely important. But as others have already mentioned, I believe the firmware is still going to be outdated, so either way it’s not ideal. However, if you can’t afford a new phone, DivestOS is probably your best bet when it comes to security and privacy.

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GrapheneOS hasn’t supported the 3a in over a year, switch to my DivestOS already so you can gain:

All of those patches dramatically outweigh any extra hardening it has over DivestOS.