What's more secure?

  1. pixel 3a on grapheneos and not receiving anymore security updates
  2. pixel 3a on lineageos still receiving security updates
    tx 4 reading

DivestOS maybe?


The correct answer is of course neither but you already knew that.

Firmware is no longer updated and that will be used against the device, especially for targetted attacks. You put yourself in a false sense of security with that mind set.

With that said if its just for video consumption, light casual browsing, you should be fine with Lineage/Divest but no Secure Messaging, email and the like. You probably dont want to connect it with your local wifi as well


Please don’t group them: Comparison of Android ROMs


Get a new phone, if you can’t then here are your options from best to worst:

  1. DivestOS

  2. GrapheneOS (only second best because your device doesn’t receive updates anymore)

  3. LineageOS (inferior to GrapheneOS and DivestOS)

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What? He was just saying he can also choose one of those. I can say I use graphene/qubes and it’s the same correct thing.

I think he meant that they are very different technically and shouldn’t be perceived as something similar to each other = shouldn’t be “grouped”.

thanks all for reply. lots to think about and process. :+1:

Both are custom android roms so yea you can group them.

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Both are operating systems, not custom ROMs, and they shouldn’t be grouped because DivestOS is on another level compared to LineageOS.

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How is GrapheneOS (doesn’t receive updates anymore) better than DivestOS (receives updates)? And how is this wrong and misleading?

ah, right, excuse me, I now understand your comment. I thought you recommended disabling the updates.

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I edited that reply to make it more understandable.

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Phones are computers too.

Here you can read what ROM is too.

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potatoes, potatoes… You yourself link to a page that acknowledges that its common usage to call such AOSP forks “ROMs” while also making it transparent that they dont do so as they dont think it best serves their marketing purposes. Whats next, one cannot talk about a software “bug” because the term was originally used to designate a certain kind of living organism?

Regardless, in the context of this topic it frankly seems to be a distinction without a difference thats just bound to add confusion rather than provide answers.

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