Closest Alternative to GrapheneOS?

Do we already have a fork from GrapheneOS that supports more devices, actively working, with a good community and with similar level of security and privacy?

Is there something like this already? I was thinking if I should install. DivestOS, hardening LineageOS microg non gms or anything else? What are our best options at the moment?

AFAIK there is nothing which matches GrapheneOS in regards to security. The next best thing I know of which supports a wider variety of devices is DivestOS, which is already recommended by Privacy Guides as an alternative to GrapheneOS. However it has various downsides, most of which are covered on the Privacy Guides website.

Other than that, there is LineageOS, which seems to have very serious security issues, at least on certain devices. If you’re in a position where you’re considering switching to Lineage, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons for your particular threat model and wants/needs.

If the cons outweigh the pros and you decide to stick with whatever default version of Android your device comes with, you can still at the very least look into hardening it. Privacy Guide’s Android overview includes some information which may be relevant. You’ll also want to check out The New Oil’s Securing Mobile: Settings section as well as the Universal Android Debloater tool if you’re tech savvy enough to make use of it.


It also can be a bit hit and miss, depending on the device. Might the maintainers decide to buy a new phone and then that one no longer has support. Sure. They also cannot provide the proprietary firmware updates necessary to keep the device completely secure.

I wrote about that some time ago Stock Android Guide - #7 by dngray.

Nothing comes close to GrapheneOS. The reason why GrapheneOS is only working on Pixels is because it’s the only good option for secure hardware that has support for alternative operating systems.

DivestOS is the best alternative if you can lock the bootloader, but even then, the developer of DivestOS recommends that you should get a Pixel and flash GrapheneOS on it.

Thank you all. It doesn’t look like that we have any other real alternative if we are looking for security and privacy at the moment. The combo Pixel + GrapheneOS seems the way to go. This is informative, and unfortunate.

Any chances to see maybe a new Librem and/or PinePhone this year competing with Pixel and some other secure and privacy OS?

Unfortunately the company making Librems is super flaky, I have heard of MASSIVE issues with people that have been waiting years and have never received their orders. A shame because I always thought their stuff looked cool. So even if they released a new phone…good luck with receiving it, it would be hard to recommend them at all imo

Check out this thread for a bit more info.

You don’t want to use Linux on your most sensitive device AKA your phone.

Well, in certain ways Android still based on Linux, no?

Didn’t know about it, thanks for sharing

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Yes, but it has good sandboxing, for example