What about Purism?

I noticed that while you mention the Librem Key in the Multi-factor Authenticator section, you don’t mention its mobile devices, emphasizing that you only recommend buying the Google Pixel for security reasons that we must later modify. I don’t have much knowledge about this, as I have never owned a Pixel or a Purism, but I wanted to know the reasons why you don’t make reference or mention a mobile device that, both at the software and hardware level, has been designed to protect the privacy and security of its users.
Website: Purism– Librem 5

For security reasons, Linux phones, especially Librem, are to be avoided. Read Madaidan’s article about Linux phones.


it won’t be practical. It will never have the apps you need. Plus their team being way to small to actually offer you good security. It’s unfortunate but they won’t be able to compete realistically.

This all besides the massive amount of criticism they received for not delivering the device already for years.


People have been waiting years to get the phone, the best advice it to stay away from the librem 5.

I’m not trying to bash on Purism their other products seem fine, but that phone has been a complete shitshow.

On top of this, Linux phones in general have both usability and security issues, there really is no reason to tell people who don’t know what they get themselves into to buy a Linux phone.