Stock Android Guide

While I was searching for Budget friendly Stock Android devices. Motorola got my eye. It has upto 3 years of Updates.

How do you acheive privacy in this Stock Android ?

We don’t recommend that you bother with “debloating” as the apps removed will be replaced as soon as you get a new system image.

You cannot remove Google apps unless you have a completely new system image (pushed by system updater, or flashed with fastboot).

We do not suggest disabling any dm-verity features or unlocking your bootloader to do this as Android does various checks of the device state during the boot process, this is to ensure that your device hasn’t been modified by persistent malware.

The best you can do, with a stock android device, is to disable the apps you don’t want, they will then not appear on your launch screen. They also won’t start when the phone boots.


The New Oil website has some great resources. Check out this Mobile Settings page (scroll down for Android).

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Things like removing advertising ID, limiting permissions etc?

Uninstalling preinstalled bloatware apps using adb? That one can do a lot but also can be dangerous. Installing a custom ROM is easier.

I think we should be very explicitly mention that any of these steps to not get any close of what can be achieved using GrapheneOS (or DivestOS). One cannot achieve nearly the same level on “stock” Android. I find it hard to recommend this half-baked solution to users who might think this helps them while any of these solutions are some patches to a internally broken setup.

@Ikel please also be advised that a Motorola phone does not ship with “stock” Android regardless of their marketing claims. This simply is a lie. It will always come with their own modifications, telemetry, analytics, and (some) bloatware.

Further would be recommending to use a VPN (or profile) to block trackers in apps. Because you won’t have any kind of firewall.

We don’t recommend uninstalling, debloating, or removing things because it doesn’t achieve anything more than disabling an app, and modifies system image so if an update is pushed those things will reappear anyway.

This is my opinion : if it is available in your country and affordable the Pixel 6a is the only budget phone I would consider.

5 yrs security updates. Titan M2. In US, @ $300 used.

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There are serveral ways to harden your stock android. First uninstall bloatware using this video: The Simplest Way to Remove Bloatware on Android! (No Root Required) - YouTube

Then harden your settings and make sure you follow the new oil and privacyguides apps and settings to follow. Techlore may have some guides aswell.


For more better privacy, Just use GrapheneOS!