Android privacy with stock rom

Hi, I would like to know if having an android stock degoogled increases privacy or is it the same as nothing.

My cell phone does not have DivestOS support and in my country google pixels are not sold.

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What do you mean degoogled? If its stock trying to use adb or other tools to forcibly remove google is futile and will likely lower security. If its true stock AOSP like on a pixel I would just use it as is and maybe uninstall through the default settings any unused apps and follow this guide and this one and you’ll be much better off then the majority of people.
Finally there actually is a post here on the forum discussing just this question.

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If you want a degoogled phone, you could try flashing LineageOS (if your device is supported). However, this action reduces the security of the device (check Verified Boot paragraph). If your threat-model allows it, you can go for it.
Also, you can try Universal Android debloater tool to disable apps that can’t be disabled through default settings. This way there will be fewer privacy-invasive applications phoning their servers. If you decide to use this tool, you should not go too far and be careful, as deleting or disabling applications may cause your OS to not work properly. Removing apps with this tool is is a partly futile action, because there are still a great amount of trackers and non-free dependencies in OS itself.
Be advised that PrivacyGuides does not recommend doing any of the described actions.

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Removing permissions from all apps that are not hidden and disable apps which you can. This helps a lot. You don’t need debloat with adb as they get added on every software update.

Usually, deleted apps are not added on every software update, although it depends on what phone model you have.

You mean manually removing the Google Play and other related apps via ADB?

The problem is, the notification backend is still Google Play Services and thus still has access to data inside your phone, including hardware identifiers that can, well… identify you.

If you aren’t using Google Services. Then, Disable everything you don’t need except Google Play services as it is required for Notifications.

You need to debloat it via adb or by using the Universal Debloater tool, but be cautious with what you remove.

In addition you need DNS based filtering, either by setting a DNS server which blocks trackers and ads directly, like Adguard or NextDNS, or you use an app for that which uses the VPN slot, like RethinkDNS, TrackerControl, etc.

Use Shelter or Insulate to isolate not privacy friendly apps which you cant live without which need critical permissions like access to your contacts or your storage.

Use Aurora + Neostore, try to avoid using apps which need playservices, it would better if you can remove them.