Universal Android Debloater

Not every privacy lovers use GreaphenOS and many have stock android. Stock android has many useless bloatware from Google and the vendor. Every bloatware may have security and privacy issue. So It is recommended to remove all bloatware that is not used. The problem is, many bloatwares cannot be uninstalled/disabled from android. So recommending bloatware removing software in website would be great.

I find Universal android debloater so useful. Because:

  1. It doesn’t need android device to be rooted
  2. It is open source
  3. It can be run on all desktop operating systems (linux, windows, android) and doesn’t need administrator access
  4. It categorized risk of removing bloatwares (recommended, advanced, expert, and unsafe). So even beginner users can remove bloatwares in recommended section without risk
  5. It supports both uninstalling and disabling

GitHub - 0x192/universal-android-debloater: Cross-platform GUI written in Rust using ADB to debloat non-rooted android devices. Improve your privacy, the security and battery life of your device.

This app is great, but it uses adb and it’s work can be done easily without it.

That said, the biggest issue would be how to integrate it in the guide. PrivacyGuides needs something easy to use.

It would be interesting for PrivacyGuides to list which app to disable or uninstall.

That’s the point of the app

It gives easy GUI access and a community curated list of which apps is safe/recommended to remove. I don’t see PG listing the apps one by one as even the recommended list on a single samsung phone is at least 50 apps if not nearing 100

And again it would still be better to just use a custom rom

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We don’t recommend debloaters see:

Just disable the apps and call it a day.

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