GrapheneOS Vs LineageOS


Why should I use grapheneOS over something like lineageOS? What’s the appeal? I just feel like spending a little under 500€ for a 7a with eh specs is not justifiable when I can get really any other phone for lineageOS.

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The main draw of grabbing a pixel phone to run GOS is the security benefits which can help with privacy too. There’s many lists elsewhere including on the GOS site itself listing those out. I guess you also get better cameras than the average phone that runs lineage (iirc samsung breaks camera things on custom OSes?) but it’s still a phone camera at the end of the day.

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They apply patches on-top of AOSP that help with security, which in turn helps privacy.

It’s not that LineageOS is a bad project, but it doesn’t fit the requirements PrivacyGuides has for recommendations.

Another, non-exclusive Alternative based on LineageOS with similar benefits you may consider is DivestOS.

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GrapheneOS doesn’t ship google camera. You don’t get any of the software benefits of google’s camera. If you didn’t know it is mostly software postprocessing.

You can easily install Google Camera on GrapheneOS and don’t even need Play Services for it to get the same.image quality as on stock OS

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Yeah, every phone camera is too small to get the zomg amazing shots without copious amounts of post-processing. As sha123 said, you can get that processing with gcam and no play services

Discussed several times

Best simple answer is here:

TLDR: LineageOS does not come with security nor privacy features like GrapheneOS. This ain’t the open source guides.


For absolute security, graphene would hands down win

But imho, for most people it’s not necessary. I think for most people, especially those with lower budget, lineage would be good enough. There’s also a more hardened fork of Lineage called DivestOS. That’s what you should probably get if you want good security without paying for a relatively expensive pixel