Peergos - Private storage, sharing, social media and application platform

Looks promising now that they are out of beta, and have had an audit

Previous discussion was at 馃啎 Software Suggestion | Peergos 路 privacyguides 路 Discussion #165 路 GitHub

Thank you for opening the discussion here, Daniel. I鈥檓 happy to answer any questions.

We鈥檙e a lot further on now and have a built-in markdown browser:

And people can write their own private apps without needing to worry about servers, authentication, encryption, storage or sharing:


As well as a new deeper level of access control:

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We鈥檝e also moved to paid only signup on If anyone here wants a signup link to a free account, email me - peergos at peergos dot org.

Anyone can also self host for free if they want, and interact with anyone on any other server as well (it鈥檚 a P2P protocol). They don鈥檛 even need a domain name to do this if they access a localhost instance of peergos (writes are transparently proxied over TLS - without depending on DNS or TLS certificate authorities - to your home server).

We鈥檝e moved to paid only because we think it results in a more sustainable business and keeps our interests aligned with the users, rather than, say, taking investment which needs a return.


Hi Mika, What do you consider Tresorit鈥檚 main features? Have you considered Peergos, which is open source and audited? Peergos - Private storage, sharing, social media and application platform

Off the top of my head, Tresorit has the following great features in addition to its audited encryption scheme:

  • Native sync apps for every major platform
  • Seamless file explorer integration on every major platform
  • Photo sync with mobile apps
  • Fully functional web interface
  • Sharing with full access control, including passwords, limited viewcounts, expiration dates, and access logs.
  • Extensive file versioning
  • Up to 4TB of storage per account

The Peergos page simply shows a log in prompt so I don鈥檛 know which of the above it may also offer - though from the pricing page it seems that 500GB is the maximum storage, which is a non-starter for my needs.

Thanks for the list, mika. We do plan on increasing the max storage to several TB.

In terms of features, we have:

  • native mount of your peergos space (or a sub folder) on windows, linux and mac
  • no file size limit, including shared files
  • fully functional web interface, including huge files and streaming video
  • offline access (read only for now)
  • meta-data protection even from the server (file size, number of files, directory structure, social graph)
  • open source and fully self hostable, including mirroring an account on another server
  • unlimited devices
  • access sharing and revocation to files and folders without the server seeing who has access to what
  • built-in apps (text editor, markdown browser, PDF viewer, calendar, social media)
  • ability to write your own apps and share them

There are more details here:


There鈥檚 no mention of your privacy policy/terms in the footer.

PG currently requires offering a free plan or trial period for testing as minimum criterion Cloud Storage - Privacy Guides

Also, is there any plans for adding cryptocurrencies as a payment option?

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Thank you for the suggestions, jerm.

We鈥檝e reinstated our demo server so people can try it out for free. This is linked from the signup page. Also, unlike pretty much all other similar services our server is 100% open source and self-hostable. So those capable of self hosting can also try it out that way. We aim for zero lock-in and easy migration to a different host, whilst still keeping all your data and social connections.

The privacy policy and terms are only relevant to the server. As peergos is self-hostable, anyone, including other companies, can run their own server with their own privacy policy. Users can still share with anyone on any server.

If there is enough demand, we could add support for more payment options, it鈥檚 mainly a question of resources.


Thanks for listening to my suggestion/feedback. Will definitely check it out.

At both password field lacks a placeholder or any indicators to give a bit of context, it might be confusing.

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Thanks for the further suggestion, jerm.

We鈥檝e added placeholders to all the password fields now.


I saw someone asking about searching encrypted files, Cryptomater question: are encrypted files searchable if uploaded to OneDrive, Google Drive, etc? - #4 by HauntSanctuary , and thought I鈥檇 mention you can search in Peergos either by metadata or full text search in the web ui. The search is performed locally, and it downloads on demand the encrypted blobs if they aren鈥檛 already cached locally.

You can see a demo in our old UI here: Fast Encrypted File Search

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Hi folks,

We鈥檝e just done a big new release, which includes two factor auth (TOTP and webauthn)

I think that means we now satisfy all the minimum requirements for Cloud Storage, and all but one of the best case requirments.

We also have some unique features that none of the others have.

What do people think?


This thread is the first time I heard about Peergos - it looks interesting, so I signed up to play around more!


Hi pitly,

Thanks for signing up. I鈥檓 happy to answer any questions here. Or I can offer a guided tour where you can ask questions I鈥檒l talk you through some of the hard to find features or tech if you want.


After using Peergos for the last few months, I am liking the features :slight_smile: I have not focused on the private social network aspects, but I have played around with the storage, sharing/secret links, and markdown editor/browser and they work well for my use cases. Overall it reminds me of CryptPad/CryptDrive, although I understand that the feature set focuses on different things.

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Thank you for your support pitly!

We鈥檝e also drastically reduced our pricing (by more than 4X) and added two more plans. You can see the latest pricing here: Pricing

We鈥檝e added a block based notes app. You can see an example note file in the link below. Remember, anyone can add their own custom apps, even on our server. We explain how this works here: A better web These apps are private, sandboxed and served E2EE just like all other data in Peergos.{"app":"markup"%2C"path":"demo/media/notes"%2C"args":{"filename":"demo.note"}%2C"writable":false%2C"secretLink":true%2C"link":"#6MDZhRRPT4ugkJuUfcWtaZodN5QYzkZKJtHpDHomFJrVhNSZysiFYimpgtcA2F/6MDZhRRPT4ugkJuUfcRzRbPpFimcBNJx2N9TJDnL4W3ETYhwdsWdvgCkXkwipF/tUTzTE3R3MBM1JnTDTkjP5rbgg7rT2aRAdEbXAwZftcRJFmAPZJn42yVhmuaisCoo2gqbMoybqk17v38uojcrFBZNAjLkF/5Pf7SvouDJ24n5M7UET8bs8b5NYTqkqHeGBRVYevFtjndtizkPM"%2C"open":true}


Couldn鈥檛 find that info easily, so asking here @ianopolous : Are there containers published on any registry to run this with Docker, Podman or something similar?

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Yes, our latest release docker image is here: web-ui versions 路 peergos 路 GitHub