Peergos - Private storage, sharing, social media and application platform

In light of the recent Skiff acquisition I’d like to reiterate that we do not have VC investors. We actively build to protect users against us being bought or shut down by giving them easy exit (automatic migration, open source servers and self hostable, and portable data and identity (host independent).

We wrote our thoughts on this previously when keybase was acquired: Keybase has left the building

I’ve had a bit of a look at this today.

I really like the introduction tutorial, and it’s pretty well designed as you’d expect.

The product feels rock solid, which is quite unusual with a lot of the privacy based approaches we see. Personally I would be happy to add this and I could see myself using it.

It feels like the best usecase for this would be a small “pod” or unit/workgroup, maybe between a few friends or employees of a company.


Thank you for trying it out @dngray. The cool thing about using a p2p and self-authenticated protocol is it doesn’t matter what host you are on - you can friend and share etc. with anyone on any other server. The idea is that those who want more control can self host, but most people can sign up to someone else’s server without any loss of privacy.

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@ianopolous can you please enlighten me about access on mobile devices? Does it have to be done via browser or is there any other way?

@landordragen We’ve been working on an android app, but it’s not there yet.

However we do have a mobile friendly PWA, which also supports offline reads of anything you have locally cached.

Good to know. Thank you for replying so quickly.