Mega or Tresorit (Privacy & Security)


I’m trying to decide between the lowest Pro Plans of Mega and Tresorit, and my only consideration right now is the security angle.

Mega say on their blog that they’ve patched up all the vulnerabilities they’ve been so far criticised for. But I couldn’t find anything that was confirming or refuting this claim.

Tresorit so far doesn’t seem to have any major criticisms.

Of course Mega is a bit cheaper. Hence the slight dilemma.

Also, while it’s a wonderful project, I’m currently looking at a solution that doesn’t involve Cryptomator.

Figured i’d get some opinions here before i made my final decision. Thanks.

I’ve been using Tresorit for years, and have only good experience. Yes, it is bit pricey, but it does the job. For cheap(er) E2EE cloud storage you can also check


I really like MEGA personally. Their app works fine, I never had a sync error or anything. Also they have an API so you can use Foldersync or rsync with Mega which is not possible with Tresorit or Filen.

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Tresorit is fantastic and I highly recommend it. You get what you pay for.


I would choose Mega any day of the week. Out of the 2, only Mega open sourced their apps, see here.

Moreover, you will have to pay more with Tresorit.

It’s “source available”, but not “free”. Still better than completely closed source of course.

What do you mean it’s not free?

The source code is publicly available for free, as you don’t have to pay to view the code. But sure, it has limited/restricted usage license.

MEGA is the latter.

“Free software” and “open source software” are ambiguous terms, they refer to the freedom to view, modify and distribute the software; rather than it being free of charge or the source code being available to view (and only view) somewhere.

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Still, saying that the source is not available for free is misleading, as the source is available for free (with limited usage).

Also, whether the software/source is belonged to any terms/categories is not relevant here, as we only care as much as to check the legitimacy of the code whether it has any contrary to the features as advertised.

Sorry but “free” and “open source” are established terms with fixed definitions

we only care as much as to check the legitimacy of the code whether it has any contrary to the features as advertised.

I agree and think this is an advantage compared to Tresorit


That’s why we have a term for foss. Open Source Software does not have to be free, I think. There might be some kind of licensing differences, but i have no idea about it.


Thank you so much for your responses.

Yes, i am a FOSS supporter, though in this case my criteria are zero-knowledge encryption, and a proven track record of reliability and security.

So, will be deciding accordingly.

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