Passwordless password manager

Just thought yo share this insightful review you might want to read:

Hopefully proton or perhaps bitwarden can bring a better experience.


Its ZDnet so people would probably dismiss it as a paid article

I think it will take a while before the dust settles which vendor comes up with the most secure/intuitive/attractive workflows.

Setting up a passkey account using Android as the “master” passkey provider seems less safe than the current schemes, though. With your Android phone and its PIN, now anyone can access all the passwords in your vault, assuming all the vendors not allowing additional 2FA for passkey access. Not using passkey as before, one would need the password for the account as well, assuming one uses TOTP/FIDO2 2FA.

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Is it a paid article? I don’t see that. Maybe my adblocker works too well. Anyways you can alwwys try

100% and you notice that the two products mentioned are affiliate links, linked repeatedly throughout.


I think what Haunt means is that Dashlane and 1password commissioned ZDnet to write the article, not that the article is subscriber-only.

Ahh well sure, still this article wouldn’t convince me to use Dashlane at all. There is still work to do to make this usable for the masses.