Should I use Dashlane?

Is Dashlane a good password manager in terms of security and privacy?

I need a cloud based solution.

Do you have anything against the current recommendations, namely bitwarden?


I am not impressed with Bitwarden’s UI/UX.

1Password is great but I just wanted to know expert opinions on Dashlane because even they are moving towards open source and using Argon2d for encryption.

Ive used Dashlane before when I first started my privscy journey. It seemed adequade at the time. No idea now. The UI seems nice but as with most things, its the innards (software design and engineering) that matter.

Do check when was their last security audit, they should publish it on their site. If they dont, find at the very least, a company with the security audit (and know when was the last time).

I cant find any third party security audits for Dashlane. As such, I wouldnt use it. Given that youre already acquainted with Privacy Guides’ recommendations when it comes to password managers and are still looking for something else, have you considered Proton Pass? It has been audited and its a trusted brand in the privacy space


Yeah, I tried. It is basic and lacks many features.

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Sure, its not full featured but its a new product and theyre adding new stuff all the time. For instance, the last update was a big one.

Honestly, its not at random that Privacy Guides recommends 1Password despite it being closed source, when it strives to only recommend open source password managers. There arent all that many audited and trustworthy password managers out there.


Just discovered a post on Dashlane’s Reddit and it seems they collect browsing history as per the post and their privacy policy.

I think I will get 1Password.

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Dashlane only provides 15 accounts storage in free plan. So if u want to pay, 1Password is the choice. If u dont pay, Bitwarden is da best option out there

Happy with Dashlane. Will switch to advanced plan after 30 day free trail is over.
Some things cost cash. Like employees, Servers etc.
As for Dashlane, they claim no breaches. Could Not find any news either, not like last pass.
For me darkweb monitoring is important, just in case something happens to my Accounts.

As for reddit. If you dig deep enough theres something about everything in the www :roll_eyes:

10$/year is a good price with Bitwarden u should check it out

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Dashlane force collect telemetry data and browsing history. No option to opt out.

1password and Bitwarden are much better.


Can you provide a link to the statement?
What i was able to find. For now its just a post on a forum

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Its in their privacy policy that they collect browsing history. There is no article or blog by Dashlane on how and why they collect browsing history.

There’s no need to use dashlane as longas there’s bitwarden

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Bitwarden, 1password, Proton Pass these are great options.