1password vs bitwarden

Hi. Previously been using bitwarden for a number of years through self hosted solution. A bit bored of the interface. In terms of privacy should I stick with it or is 1password a realistic alternative? Is it just the cost that separates the two?

Personally 1password was one of my first password managers and it works well but i prefer bitwarden by far since it’s FOSS. As much of a UI/UX nerd as i am i wouldn’t solely move to a different application because i didn’t like the UI especially since Bitwarden is one of the best and is worst case scenario tied feature wise to 1password.

Makes sense! Wish the bitwarden/vaultwarden interface would get that facelift and they sort out file backup/export as that is currently not possible.

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I have been using 1Password for years and still do, however here the catch doesn’t matter which of the two you pick just make sure it’s not using cloud to host your database, you just don’t know who watching or how safe your material is.

Hey @Gulla,

If you’re bored of Bitwarden, 1Password is a good alternative, as are all of those listed on our site here: Password Managers - Privacy Guides

Hope this helps!