Should I switch from 1Password to Bitwarden?

hi guys,
I have been using 1Password for 2 years, it’s a good password manager but a pricy one. I have read some articles and Bitwarden seems a good cheaper alternative.

Things that are stopping me from shifting to bitwarden are:

  • Can’t share passwords using links like 1Password does.
  • Read a few posts stating that the autofill feature is not working properly.
  • UI is not as intuitive as 1Password. But this is not a stopper.
  • Can’t save sign-in with identity providers (like sign-in with google, facebook, etc)

Should I compromise and switch to bitwarden or is there a better alternative or just pay and keep on using 1Password?

Also, I saw a few articles mentioning proton pass, is it a good alternative to consider?

Help Center | Bitwarden is a good resource.

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Thanks for replying.

  1. I did see the bitwarden send but we need to manually copy and paste the password and send it. Also if I want to share bank account details kinda thing I need to manually add the text headings and then send them.
  2. Maybe what I conveyed is not clear, I am not looking for a SAML based implementation I just want to save that the login on a particular website is done using the Sign in With Google button and not a email/password combination.
    Sign in with Google, Apple, and Other Providers… and Save it in 1Password | 1Password

If you’re using a password manager, what reason would you have for using these 3rd party sign-in providers, which often are also not great for your privacy?


That’s a great question, before migrating to the use of password manager I had websites which I logged in using 3rd party sign-in providers and now I am a bit lazy to migrate those to password-based authentication. And also there are very few websites which don’t allow this migration also.

But this is not a major stopper for me the major things are the share passwords and the autofill glitches.

Regarding Bitwarden’s autofill issues, I have personally had the most success with Bitwarden’s autofill. They recently launched a new inline auto-fill menu, which has been quite unreliable in my use. So, I still use the excellent keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + L or Cmd + Shift + L. With Bitwarden, you can also autofill custom fields, which no other password manager I have tried has been able to do.


That’s great to hear that a new feature has been introduced that fixed the autofill glitches. BTW 1Password also autofills the custom fields.

For android? If so can you provide a link?

I think reason why bitwarden’s UI is not as polished as 1password or Proton pass is because their devs aims to keep their code base as minimal as possible and thus reducing the attack surface.
From users perspective too you feel more confident about bitwarden being simple in its UI.
Bitwarden doesn’t seem to have any lack of developers but they just don’t want to complicate the UI with unnecessary elements.
I think their team is working on bringing improvements to their UI in their current roadmap.
Also you won’t find any lack of features and may instead get some additional features too like more choices of 2fa.

Specially their login with passkey feature is going to bring a lot more fluidity in workflow


What link are you asking?

a link for this for Bitwarden Android

Just released - new inline auto-fill! - Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums This is the one I found after reading the comment from @Critical_Crab5543. Not sure if an similar one exists on android or not.

Android already supports inline autofill, which works fine for me (I’m using Mull).

In my previous response, I didn’t say that this new autofill feature has fixed Bitwarden’s autofill issues. Instead, it has been unreliable, so I’m not using it and prefer the keyboard shortcut.

1Pass as welll as Bitwarden are goood ones. BW has UI that looks like straight from early 2000’s, but this makes it extremely simple to use, and thats good.

Is Proton Pass good? Will tell you this: am using it myself, and its the most intuitive and well-architectured (business-logic wise) password managers out there. I highly recommend it.

Any specific reason or feature other than UI that made you choose proton pass over bitwarden?

Oh yes, many of them:

  • reputation; BW has not got crystal clear reputation; Proton has.
  • real sync: In multidevice scenario when you add entry (login+pass) and save it, is the moment entry gets synced to all of the devices; in BW you have to sync manually/wait close to 1 minute.
  • speed: with well over 10k of records BW get snail-slow, Proton Pass is still kicking/blazing fast
  • BW has sudden crashes and can be tricky to investigate/troubleshoot.

Frankly, I didn’t expect this, as far as I read online BW has great feedback and Proton Pass is a new player in this segment.

As for the others I never used BW so can’t comment can any expert who used BW confirm them?

I will recommend Proton Pass with Proton Sentinel. Also Proton Pass have built in aliases. But if you are not looking for it, try Bitwarden. 1Password is not as trustworthy at all because 1Password is not open source. It is a proprietary product. We can’t verify that they really do what that should do. Also there is a breach (not huge).

I recommend to focus on open source solutions

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Thanks didn’t know that 1Password had a breach. Coming to aliasing I am using anondaddy and it looks pretty good for my use case. I also saw that I can integrate that with BW.

True, but Proton Pass comes from reputable company. Can you say same thing about BW?

Feedback != reputation.

Very much. But to use Proton Sentimel you have to pay for Unlimited plan… but its worth its price.

True, but again, to make full use of it, you need Proton Unlimited

So is Proton Pass. At the same time its fully open source.


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