Password manager "Secrets"?

What do you think of the password manager Secrets?
Today, December 29th, the normally 115 Euro one-time purchase “Edit + Share” is as part of the “Indie App Santa” campaign available for free.
It is available for iOS and Mac.

Is it worth a try or is it risky?

Do you think a one time purchase software with knline sync service is realistic ? Can it make profit and be sustainable in the long run ? From what I see, the blog post has some article from 2019 but none can be opened because of a bug. I am unsure when “secrets” started existing.

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The previous Secrets Password Manager was released on 11. May 2016. Secrets4 seems to be relatively new ( 27. May 2023).

I don’t know this password manager at all. I just stumbled across it by chance on Reddit and wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about it.

I would avoid it for now. I looked at their website and it seems they are not open source and their privacy policy collects a bit of data: Secrets | Privacy Policy

It seems it has encryption as well, but I can’t speak on it because I’m not an expert with it.

I would just stick with something that has audits and good security, like Bitwarden or Keepass.