Organic Maps for navigation in France

I use Organic Maps for navigation in UK and I notice it has speed camera location warnings. I will soon be requiring to use it to navigate a journey across France where this feature of a GPS unit is illegal. I can find no setting to turn this speed camera feature off.

Can any French Organic Maps user let me know if speed cameras show on the road map of France in the app? Also, have I missed the setting somewhere to turn this feature off?

Thank you

Hi, yes, speed cameras are displayed on OM and I advise you to keep this function enabled, although “illegal”, there is no legal way for law enforcement to control your phone, I’ve been using Magic Earth specifically for speed cameras for years and no problem.

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I personally use OSMand that allows removing speed cameras location.

But in France, there are actually signs that announce speed cameras approaching like this:

So I don’t think it’s really an issue even if it’s illegal.

Interesting. Thanks for the comments. It seems like I don’t have too much to worry about after all.