Map Apps on Stock Android

Hi all,

I’m using Organic Maps and Magic Earth to get around, but I read that the back end is still Google. So does it make sense to stop using these apps and just use Google Maps since I’m still on stock OS?


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That doesn’t sound right, do you have a source?

Organic maps is a like frontend for your navigation purposes. It uses Open streets map (OSM) data which is downloaded once for offline use. Organic maps is very a privacy respecting app as it makes almost no connection to any other servers except OSM while downloading OSM data.
That being said even if you manage to change your frontend , it will be a much better choice than using google maps app which will literally track everything you do ,plus it will try to link activities to your google account and use it to profile you and what not.
At the backend , yes it would be using “google location services” but it will highly limit the amount of data collected by google if you use organic maps.
Optionally (for advanced users) you could also try disabling “google location services” , and just rely on GPS service for location fixing but it would only work when you are outdoors.
In my previous phone i had this setup and used google maps in incognito tab whenever OSM data was insufficient. It worked nicely for me for the most part.