Old Reddit is dying and more

First, the criteria scope should be extended.

We only consider frontends for websites that meet one of the following condition : 1) are inaccessible without javascript, 2)block connections from VPNs or TOR 3) require account creation

Second, Old Reddit has now started to require VPN connections to be logged in as well

We should add Redlib (Github), a Invidious-style frontend with dozens of instances.

@jonah How can I make a draft for the proposed change ?

Guess they are mad the short sellers turned up, which we knew would happen.

They sent every reddit mod an email trying to get us to buy stocks with an invitation to the Directed Share Program (“DSP”) that lets redditors purchase stock at the same price as institutional investors. I wonder how many did/didn’t.

Could submit a pull request on GitHub, or use git-send-email if you’re unable to open GitHub account.

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This is addressed in the first sentence of the introduction to the Frontends page, but adding this as a hard requirement in the Criteria section is reasonable.

You might be interested in the responses to this forum thread. Although the initial question involves (new) Reddit and perhaps a different error from the one you’re experiencing, the solutions offered by community members to bypass these blocked requests while connected to the VPN providers recommended on PG might apply here.

There is already a thread on the forum for this suggestion:

@Redoomed Thanks for the thread, this is the same issue as with New Reddit, but until now old.reddit.com didn’t have that VPN ban. In fact, this is a mix of IP and Https header ban. Basically, they want to fingerprint you.
(@dngray will do after)

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if you use res (reddit enhancement suite), on the ip block page there’s an icon which lets you log in, and once you do so you won’t be blocked. but yeah, i definitely agree that redlib should be recommended, reddit is getting slimier by the day

I wonder how this gets around the issues teddit/libreddit had before death.

at a high level, it essentially spoofs as the official android app instead of using reddit’s public api

there’s forks of some of the 3rd party reddit apps that do this as well

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@anonymous166 yes I can login but I don’t want. I only want to login when I have something to say.

Im behind a paid vpn and old.reddit seems fine? Maybe you have way too much traffic to reddit, possibly someone scraping as well?

For now the IPs being blocked by old.reddit seem less aggressive. Depending on the server I am connected to, sometimes I’m blocked and sometimes I’m not. On actual Reddit I’m blocked 90% of the time, but it doesn’t seem to map 1:1.

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