ProxiTok doesn't work

Many Instances are down, and even the working one don’t load the videos

I’ve noticed that too… Perhaps the frontend part of the website needs to be rethought due to the rapidly evolving nature of the social media frontend scene

@jonah Can you also confirm ProxTox not working ?

I agree with @exaCORE , we should update the frontends section with

  1. Making the Youtube section clearer with
    Explaining there is two main “protocols” used to fetch videos : Invidious and Piped. We could also mention that you can self-host Invidious pretty easily.

Then, we can mention the apps with each protocol, this would be clearer.

  1. Mentionning the service that DON’T have private frontend : Instagram, Twitter, etc.
    Then we could point to alternatives (Mastodon) or harm minimisation (using Instagram PWA, not giving real email, etc)

We also should have a section about Reddit highlighting that can be used anonymously (no JS/login). This is better than people using other frontends.

I can work on it if there is interest

i don’t see how old reddit is “better” than RedLib. redlib still hides your traffic by letting you blend in with other people who use the instance

In my view “old reddit” is better because it doesn’t require an extension of trust. 3rd party Frontends exist for various reasons, and using a frontend for a popular service may be reasonble if it provided a sizable benefit to user privacy. However if the popular service (in this case Reddit) have a frontend available to users which is privacy preserving enough to overcome the trust required to use a 3rd party front ent; then I see little to no reason use said 3rd party front end.

I have not used Redlib before, so I cannot comment on it specifically. This is just how old reddit fits into my personal threat assessment.