ProxiTok (TikTok Frontend)

I would like to suggest adding ProxiTok to the list of frontends under Software.

I’m pretty sure you still need JavaScript to use ProxiTok, but at least ProxiTok removes a lot of the significant glossiness and slow loading of TikTok on the web and also prevents TikTok from showing you the “drag the puzzle piece”
captcha while using a VPN - that is, if the instance you’ve picked hasn’t been rate limited by TikTok. (We’ll see how long ProxiTok can play cat and mouse with TikTok’s dodgy API, or lack thereof.)

When navigating to a specific TikTok user, ProxiTok allows you to directly download the video file with a clearly visible button. (I know that the video can be TikTok on the desktop web with a right click when on a user’s profile page, but this could make it easy to accomplish the same task for less technical users.) ProxiTok reminds me of Bibliogram (before its development stalled) - you can’t search for users on ProxiTok (yet), but it’s really handy if you already know the name of the public account you want to view on ProxiTox.

ProxiTok on January 1, 2022 and since then has a history of consistent development, according to its commit history.

The project’s about page (accessible on any instance) is rather short:

Why would I want to use ProxiTok?

There are already multiple articles explaining Tiktok’s privacy issues. This program allows you to browse TikTok without having to worry about privacy concerns.

I’m aware that many in the infosec world would roll their eyes at any desire to view TikTok content more privately, but I think we could consider this a win (and a win is a win) if ProxiTok can continue to thrive into the future (especially with the loss of Bibliogram in late 2022).

There were 3 links attached to the phrase “multiple articles explaining”, and they were:

well in theory, the benefit of using this looks to be the same as something like Invidious.

By not requiring complex javascript, you minimize risk and use Tor.

Worth noting the actual Tiktok website, does do a fair bit of fingerprinting Reverse Engineering Tiktok's VM Obfuscation (Part 1)

so there is some merit to a project like this.


Thanks! ProxiTok has been on the site now.