How to use the Tiktok app privately?

One of my close friends wants me to download Tiktok and i remember one of my experiments using [Apk permission remover] when i removed about 85% of the permissions and trackers and now i need to do it again but the new android policies prevent me from entering data folder to install the new modified apk and the app can’t install the new apk from the app so is their anyway to do this or any other app to do the same thing?

P.s: She doesn’t like Proxitok cause there is no option for mentioning and liking and she doesn’t like sending links.

Mod edit: Removing link to dubious Android app hxxps[://]apk-permission-remover.en.uptodown[.]com/android/download

This is the fast track to malware.


I tried their web app and their app on an android emulator but they are lagging as hell and i really wanna edit the apk using anything، Maybe using Apk Explorer Editor which is open source but i really don’t know to use it.

No you can’t, you’ll still get tracked heavily in-app with that cancer app. revanced patcher may help make it a bit less crap but you still shouldn’t use tiktok really

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You can get an RSS feed for a tiktok account on proxitok so that could help with the link thing. Also, on desktop browsers at least, you can use something like Redirector to automatically redirect tiktok links to proxitok links (See image below)

But otherwise, you’re kinda out of luck. Just creating an account with TikTok (and the tracking that comes with it – i.e. what you watch etc) would seem to nullify most of the benefits from blocking trackers and whatnot from the app using permissions…

In my experience, with enough time, most people you know well get used to you not using popular social media and it becomes not a big deal.


At the risk of alienating yourself from others as I have, friends dont let friends get into TikTok.

I’ve tried to sway others not to drive off the cliff with their privacy and mental health and look like a bad guy in the process. In the end, I feel vindicated because one had severe mental health issue.

Just respect other’s autonomy and sit back and eat popcorn and watch as drama unfolds when you meet in real life one day.


TikTok is one of the worst things that one could download and use.

  1. It’s a menace to your privacy and security

  2. It’s proprietary

  3. It destroys your mental health

  4. It’s an insane time sink

Don’t use that goofy garbage.


Like another commenter mentioned, I suggest try using RSS feeds. There’s usually a way to get a RSS feed for any website including TikTok.

If privacy is a big concern for you, I recommend using RSS feeds for everything you can. I use them for everything on the internet. You can try and to get RSS feeds for websites that don’t have them, which is the easiest. But you can also host your own feeds as well if more advanced.