What is the recommended frontend for reddit?

It is libreddit safe to use? It looks good but I’d prefer to be sure before using it.
I don’t like Fluent Reader for Reddit, I wanna to preserve some of the Reddit functionalities and I don’t like how the text is rendered.


It’s open source, you can audit it yourself.

Besides, you can’t make a libreddit account, it’s only for reading Reddit, you are not providing any identifiable data.

I just use old.reddit.com I dont login anyway.


I know some people prefer the old design, but how is that different from just using Reddit?

I use libreddit because it allows to subscribe to subreddits without signing in, can you do the same with the old reddit?

Ok, sounds good, i’ll give it a try.

It allows you to keep your home feed? I guess you have to login for that though.

You can’t create a login.

If you subscribe to a subreddit it’s saved in a cookie, you can make your home feed go just adding all the same subreddits, this is what I use it for.

You can export your changes as an url, if you open that url in libreddit it will restore your settings, which is useful if you clear your cookies or want to move to a different device.

Is there a need to clear cookies? I guess cookies remains inside the client only and no one can’t have access to them, isn’t it?

You can actually use a “plus” to plug your subreddits together like if you like r/privacy, r/infosec and r/homelab you can do a:



Thanks for the tip, didn’t know that was possible.

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A little late to the party here but I like Stealth (Android only)

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For the browser, libreddit is the way to go. For mobile, go with InfinityForReddit, incredible frontend that doesn’t require an account.

teddit.net is a decent option

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Stealth is a really good frontend on Android.

For a web-browser frontend, I suggest teddit (as @distrokid31 also recommended). You can use their hosted site, teddit.net, or you can self host your own instance of it too.

Infinity or Redreader for Android.